Guys it's been forever since I've made a post, one is truly sorry.

I'll be getting my art and photography books back soon which is awesome and terrifying seeing as they're marking them! :o

But yeah, am hopefully wishing to do more art and photography in the summer!

Leave a response if you want a request and I'll do it :D
(so long as it's not offensive lol)



Today was a VERY exciting and CRAZY day :D I GOT MY INDUSTRIAL DONE FINALLY!

And here is a photography of the evidence ;D

Yeah, it was so long. And there's always that one word that you think you have right (and you do) but then you change it cause you're a derp xD


I DID IT! (Also sorry for being away, I had loads of revision to do...)

Excited for summer! ^_^

2013-05-15 15:18:47 by eloiserougeon

Hey Newgrounders! ^_^

So today wasn't a bad day! I'm not gonna have a whole run down of my day but I bought hair dye! Finally! When I'm doing my hair orange and yellow I'M SO EXCITED

So yeah and had my Spanish mock today. So many words to learn by the 23rd...and all my photography is due in on the 20th. Literally the worst week maybe.

Anyways I'll be off, I'll just leave you with a picture of the dye I bought.

Adios putas! ;D

Excited for summer! ^_^


2013-05-12 10:12:29 by eloiserougeon


So yeah, at the moment, I really should be revising as I have my AS Philosophy and Ethics exam tomorrow *eek* which I am DREADING. Honestly though, I have done some revision, and writing I find is the best thing to do, just so worried for it. It's also TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF WRITING 8 ESSAYS yes you heard correctly, 8 ESSAYS. So yeah, that's my life. But I'm getting my industrial pierced on the day I finish my Spanish AS exam (which coincidentally is also 2.5 hrs) which SHOULD BE AMAZING. If you don't know what it is, it's the photo at the bottom. Pretty cool, huh? I think so. :D

Anyways I also wanted to update you that during the summer holidays I will also be uploading, drawing, painting and photography more work (yay) to put onto here. So stay tuned if you follow me! ^_^ ALSO I'M GOING TO COMIC CON ON THE 25TH OF MAY ADJSNAFKJ;JAM;JMD;. AND Venus Angelic from YouTube replied to my tweet the other day, I did fangirl a little xD

Also many thanks for all the reviews, recommendations and criticisms I've been getting. They really have helped me gain some motiviation on what I should be improving on. So many thanks, keep 'em coming! :D

That's all really, I'm off to revise some more and probably cry about tomorrow, so I'll be off.

Stay Creative!

Elly. :3


Botanical Photography

2013-05-11 17:48:48 by eloiserougeon

just felt like uploading a photo of mine

Botanical Photography

Some of my other artwork...

2013-05-11 17:05:59 by eloiserougeon

Well, I'm trying to get recognised and I hope you all enjoy my work :3
I painted this on unstretched canvas (yet again I know! xD) with acrylic paint.
I found out I really do enjoy using black and white to create a monochrome piece.
Anyways that's all really! ^_^

Stay creative!
Elly :)))

Some of my other artwork...

I understand Newgrounds now!

2013-05-11 15:13:07 by eloiserougeon

Hey guys!
Well now I understand the concept of Newgrounds, SUCH A COOL WEBSITE! I love the way in which we can all interact, judge, modify and accept the beauty in people's creations.

Stay creative world! ^_^

(btw yes this is my photography, please refrain from using it unless you will include my name, much appreciated)

I understand Newgrounds now!

I'm new to NEWGROUNDS!

2013-05-11 10:51:35 by eloiserougeon

Hey guys!
I'm Elly, and welcome to my Newgrounds! I'm a huge fan of anything creative and artistic, and love engaging in MMO games and playing indie games :D There's so much to talk about me, but stick around and you'll see what I love!

Much love,

Elly. :)